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Bartang-Sarez-Kyrgyzstan Border Jeep Tour and Trek - 11 Days

Bartang-Sarez-Kyrgyzstan Border Jeep Tour and Trek

Rout in short: Dushanbe-Darvaz-Jizeu-Roshorv-Barchidiv-Sarez-Kudara-Karakul-Kizilart pass (Kyrgizstan border)

Duration of the tour: 11 days (can be extended or shortened if required)
Total distance: 941 км.
Season: June–Sep

Day 1: Arrive in Dushanbe & transfer to hotel. Relax & City tour.
Day 2: Drive to Darvaz via Kulob along with the river Panj river. Overnight in guesthouse.
Day 3: Drive & Trek to Jizeu valley. Overnight in tents or homestay.
Day 4: Drive to Roshorv and explore the village (interaction with the villagers, visit the old fortress and cascade of water mills)
Day 5: Drive to Barchidiv village and get prepare for the next day trekking to the Sarez lake
Day 6: Trekking to the Sarez Lake (luggage will be carried by donkeys, during 8-9 hours).
Day 7: Strolling around the Sarez lake. Relax and engage in various activities such as fishing, riding boat, trekking up further and exploring around the lake. Accommodation-tents. (3.250m)
Day 8: Trekking back to Barchidiv and exploring the beautiful village. Accommodation-homestay.
Day 9: Drive to Kudara & Relax. Overnight in guest house.
Day 10: Drive to Karakul with a short stop in Kukjar Pass. (3.900m)
Day 11: Drive to the Kyzilart Pass (Kyrgyzstan border) and seeing off. (4.300m)

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