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Comments about Bartang valley:

“The place where the landscape is most dramatic, the road most dangerous, the tradition most authentic & the hospitality most cordial.” Stefanie Kicherer.

“The Bartang valley, one of the most adventurous ways of crossing the Pamirs…” Diaconescu Radu.

“If you’re looking for an adventurous deviation from the famous Pamir Highway the Bartang Highway has all the makings of a true expedition into the wilds of Tajikistan. With some of the Pamir’s most hospitable people, premier trekking, and beautiful villages a trip up the Bartang Highway surely will not disappoint. To truly discover the beauty of the Bartang Valley and find the hidden gems- you’ll have to venture out beyond the highway.” The Adventures of Lil Nicki.

“Ай-да Бартанг! От первого твоего кишлака до последнего живут здесь такие хорошие люди.” (Ah, yes, Bartang! From your first village to the last, such good people live here) Aleksandr Petrov.

“The greatest ride of my life. The Bartang had me in a trance throughout the whole way; it put me in a mindset which was still unfamiliar to my being. A feeling of peace and surrender had overcome me and I felt a deep appreciation for my surroundings. Around every corner, there were new stunning and overwhelming vistas and at the pinnacle of my enthrallment, I felt like a glorious God-fearing peasant in awe of it all. How happy can one person be…?”

“The food, which two women brought to my campsite on trays. Fresh bread, yogurt, cream and milk. One of the kindest gestures of hospitality I have ever received on the road. This was a very remote spot, miles from any settlement, and they were living in a very primitive shelter. This is pure Pamir hospitality…”